Successful promotional campaigns communicate unique benefits and brand differentiators to a targeted audience via integrated marketing strategy and messaging.

Korzenowski Design has a long-standing relationship with Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the top hospitals in the United States. We provide ongoing support to their marketing and PR departments, delivering everything from logo design and brand guidelines to direct mail, brochures and annual reports. We provide marketing collateral in support of the overall brand, as well as for individual divisions and centers of excellence.

The Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center combines state of the art facilities and technology with clinical expertise to scientifically examine athletes, empirically review athletic capabilities and build individualized exercise and fitness programs to optimize physical performance. The Center provides access to a team of sports medicine physicians, certified athletic trainers, therapists, cardiologists, nutritionists and certified strength and conditioning coaches for injury prevention and recovery.

To help promote services and boost patient inflow, Korzenowski Design worked with the marketing department at Massachusetts General and leadership at the Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center to identify target markets and research competitive providers. Together, we developed a campaign that included sport-specific brochures, introductory service packages, posters, flyers, and digital advertising. Our team provided copy development, graphic design, project management, data visualization and print coordination.

The marketing materials highlight the Center’s comprehensive capabilities and its individualized performance enhancement program for the professional, amateur or student athlete. The visuals emphasize the center’s proprietary 3D visualization and motion-analysis system, while content emphasizes audience access to the technology and training that is typically available only to professional athletes.

Aster Medical Marketing Gold Award 2014

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