A brand refresh acknowledges the growth and evolution of a company and its services, and reflects the current vision and mission to target markets.

As a business develops, the brand needs evolve concurrently to best relate to customer needs and expectations, social and economic developments and other changes in the market place.

Finzer Roller combines a deep understanding of customer application with industry expertise to manufacture high quality rollers and supply products. They have grown consistently through operational expansion and strategic acquisition of competing and complementary roller companies.

To reflect this growth and unite everything under the same banner, Finzer Roller pursued a strategic brand refresh.

While preserving the brand’s existing integrity and equity, Korzenowski Design was able to reenergize their business with a new logo, revitalized technical brochures, a dynamic stationery bundle and compelling presentation systems. Their reenergized brand strategy and accompanying collateral visualization performed extremely well, fostering their continued success and growth in the industry.

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