Focused campaigns and great design consider visuals, medium and messaging to create effective, impactful brand communication in the language of the target audience.

Marvolus Manufacturing has a long history of producing a wide variety of wireframe stands for POP, including everything from countertop displays to floor-model spinners. When they decided to make the move into the high-end custom POP market, they needed a marketing solution to help establish the company as a player in the new market segment, and differentiate its custom offerings from its established stock wire rack offerings.

Korzenowski Design spoke with members of the sales and leadership teams to determine their differentiators and unique selling proposition. We created a Marvolus brand extension, Marvolus Manufacturing POP, with a unique logo and visual appeal. We developed a launch campaign theme of uniting seemingly opposite elements with left-brain and right-brain thinking. We provided copywriting, custom illustration and design to create several campaign tactics, including direct mail, a sales presentation system with a folder and tiered inserts, a PowerPoint presentation, a digital brochure and a stationery system.

The presentation folder utilized a strike-through printing technique in several places for a visually impactful and memorable introduction.

The promotional materials capitalize on the sales team’s presentation style. By appealing to the discerning, visually-minded audience, these materials communicate the company’s ability to leverage art and science to create imaginative displays.

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