By building on an established brand, a brand extension can use existing consumer associations and expectations to create equity in a new market.

Dr. Charles E. Miller, a leading fertility expert, wanted to make female and male fertility preservation more accessible. This service is invaluable for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments, men who are not ready to start a family and women who want to protect their ability to conceive beyond the boundaries of a biological clock. To provide more affordable and reliable access to cryopreservation technologies, Dr. Miller founded the Advanced Fertility Preservation Institute.

Dr. Miller’s marketing team engaged Korzenowski Design to help develop a launch campaign for their new initiative. As part of Dr. Miller’s family of existing service groups, The Advanced IVF Institute and The Advanced Gynecologic Surgery Institute, Korzenowski Design used existing brand equity and moved beyond the established brand structure to create unique tactics and visuals.

Our team provided copywriting and design for educational brochures and posters; site mapping, layout and programming for a website; research and design for branded promotional items; and visual components for social media platforms.

Following the successful introductory campaign, The Advanced Fertility Preservation Institute plans to open additional locations.

ClientAdvanced Fertility Preservation InstituteServicesBrand ExtensionTagsB2C, website, print, digital