Gray areas in gray matter

The brain is highly complex. It’s the only organ that named itself. Think about it.

There is a longstanding belief that says the left side of the brain controls logical thought and the right side of the brain controls creativity. Scientists are left-brained. Artists are right-brained. Make sense? Not really.

Nearly all tasks require a combination of logical and creative thought. That’s how we think. That’s how we interpret the world. Scientists use creative approaches to solve technical problems and artists employ logic to organize and visualize thought. Marketing is no different.

Great marketing and great design are the product of strategic thinking and emotional connection. Effective communication considers many factors and is as scientific as it is artistic.

Consider these questions from a logical “left brain” and creative “right brain” perspective. How are the answers different and where do they overlap?

  • What does my audience want or need?
  • What are the primary and secondary messages?
  • How does this support the overall brand?

Marketing to the whole brain

Did you ever notice how sarcasm doesn’t really work in an email? When you hit send, you might be left wondering how the recipient will interpret, or misinterpret your message. Without proper context, you could be communicating less or more than you intended.

Thank goodness for emoticons, right? 😛

Marketing addresses the needs and wants of your audience. The copy is what you want to say and design provides context to shape interpretation and create your corporate voice. Initial reactions are often emotional and can be based on design alone. Give your audience a reason to interact with your brand and invest in your company.

Consistent branding, descriptive copywriting and creative design help bridge the gap between the marketer’s “why” and the consumer’s “why do I care.” No matter the medium, you have only seconds to capture interest, engage the viewer logically and emotionally and make sure the intended message is received.

Here’s a brand design we did for Joseph Antognoli & Company that used association and emotion to secure a stronger bond with customers and dramatically affect the bottom line.

Strategic emotion

The essence of great copy and design is effective communication. It allows your audience to better understand and associate with your brand, even if it’s only on a subconscious level. This is why creative and thoughtful design is so important to marketers. By helping inform, persuade and motivate, great design engages the whole brain and creates brand energy.